The matatu played loud Kwangwaru music as we sped past the leafy suburbs of Karen. Each beat pulsated through my numb and shivering body threatening to deafen my ears. With every beat, the floor vibrated vigorously, drowning the incessant noises of the passengers. Bramwel sat beside me silent, engrossed in his phone and obviously oblivious to the… Read More THE FIVE CLOWNS.


Mary looked defeated. She was weak, wasted and sad. Her chubby self had been reduced to skin and bones; her once radiant skin, now as pale as death, masking the ordeal inside. She lay in bed motionless, her eyes fixed at one spot on the ceiling… Nicely tucked in the hospital bed, her thoughts drifted to the first day she learnt she was suffering from cancer. She had felt her world turn dark and upside down. Her hopes………… Read More THE POWER OF LOVE.


The fuggy heat pressed in on them making droplets of sweat to form on their foreheads and coalesce to form streams that bathed their necks and backs to wet their shirts and vests. Their kinky black hairs cocooned their heads in simmering heat, frying their brains. Not a thing moved under the scorching rays of… Read More IN THE BUS